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Vehicle Supply Headlines

    Currently as you may be aware due to a combination of unprecedented circumstances globally, the new car market has been dealing with vehicle shortages for the last 2 and a half years. This is likely to continue. The Taxi Shop have outlined an overview of timescales from each manufacturer below as well as some other info.

    The Ford Order Book is closed at this time and is not due to reopen for new orders until December this year. From point of order, we’re facing a 12 month lead time. We are not expecting any new Fords until 2024. Discounts are only available for licensed Private Hire and Hackney Drivers

    They are no discounts available at this time. We are hoping to negotiate new discounts with Mercedes once they begin supplying into the Trade again within the next 12 months

    The last 24 months have seen no new vehicles coming through from Renault however we still have great discounts with Renault and vehicles on order which will be available to reserve soon.

    The used vehicle market has also been dramatically affected by the shortage of new vehicles. Demand for used in place of new has skyrocketed, pushing the value of used vehicles up tremendously.

    As time passes and without the levelling up of supply between both categories, used vehicles will continue to increase in value and this is unlikely to reduce once the new supply comes back online. Whilst prices of used have increased, the Manufacturers have pushed their prices of new vehicles up substantially which has fuelled the fire for price surges and limited availability. Unfortunately, the higher prices when compared to pre-pandemic times are here to stay and it is the new reality that we all have to get used to.

    Here at The Taxi Shop we do our utmost to keep prices reasonable and if you see a vehicle we are advertising you will need to be quick as stock is very limited.

    If you are looking for a new vehicle please contact us.